About ReReady

ReReady employee preparing laptop box for shipment

We have decades of experience with productive, healthy remote work. We want to share our tools and practices with you.

ReReady is a team of technology professionals with experience ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We've worked remotely for most of our careers, not just since the COVID pandemic. We have plenty of experience getting laptops back from employees.

Problem for smaller companies

Smaller companies are frustrated with the interruption of occasional returns. Find a form-fitting box, buy prepaid postage, print the labels, get it shipped out, send reminders, etc. Between the dollar cost and the lost productivity, you're losing at least $200 per return.

Problem for larger companies

Larger companies struggle with the scale of constant returns. You need a supply of form-fitting boxes and blank shipping labels, an account with FedEx or UPS, training materials, and a schedule for sending follow-up reminders. Some companies hire an employee, which costs at least $40k per year.

Our solution

We give you the power to automate your employee laptop returns. Just provide the employee address, your return address, and pay. We handle the box, the postage, the printing, the shipping, the tracking, and the reminders. You can just kick back and wait for your laptop to be returned.