Laptop return service

The best way to get laptops back from remote employees.

Best of the top 13.   Ranked #1 by TechTimes.   Starting at $85.
Trucks and airplanes carrying laptop shipments back to their companies

For HR and IT leaders with remote employees

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Photo of Richard K, Business Owner

Richard K.

Business Owner

"Much quicker than buying a box and going to the post office! Easy and saves me time."

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Photo of Anita M, HR Manager

Anita M.

HR Manager

"Nice process for recovering equipment from former employees. This is part of our offboarding now."

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Photo of Anya B, Office Manager

Anya B.

Office Manager

"The cheapest option I've found, especially when you consider time."

There's no better way

You win from every perspective.

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You can spend an average of 2 hours per laptop return. Or just 2 minutes with us.

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You can handle the box, postage, printing, shipping, and reminding. Or leave it all to us.

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You can spend an average of $300 in time and money. Or just $85 with us.

P.S. Also easier, cheaper, and more powerful than any competitor.

How it works

1 You enter employee's address and pay
2 We send employee a prepaid box
3 We remind employee to ship (optional)
4 You receive the laptop
Managers easily coordinating laptop returns from employees

What's included


Our top-quality laptop box safely fits a variety of laptop sizes, plus accessories.


We cover shipping the box to your employee, and on to your company.


We send your employee up to 3 reminder emails and/or texts as necessary.


We send you tracking update emails on shipment and delivery.


Enable any basic options like pickup scheduling and signature requirements.

+ Enterprise

Enable Enterprise status to unlock customizations and automations.

"The best way to get laptops back from remote employees."