The best laptop return services (top 11 reviewed)

Last updated February 13, 2024

Looking for the best service for retrieving company-owned laptops from employees? We've gathered the data so it's easy to see which is best for you.

There are many services that facilitate the return of laptops from employees. Some stand out more than others.

Quick summary

Your specific needs dictate the best service for you.

Side-by-side comparison

The easiest way to compare laptop return services is to put them all side-by-side. These are the results, with features that are unique to one service highlighted:

Base price Box & tracking Dashboard Intl. shipping Storage/ disposal Pickups Custom-izations HR & IT integrations API Best for
Allwhere $149 Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No Storage/disposal
Dart Returns $100 Yes No No No No No No No
DeviceRescue $89 Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Subscription required
GroWrk Monthly fee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
ITmann $246 Yes No EU Yes No No No No
LaptopReturn $89 Yes Yes No No Yes No No No
NetUniverse $90 Yes No Yes No No No No No
ReReady $85 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Most returns
Retriever $95 Yes Bulk required Yes Yes No No No Bulk required
TimeSquared $100/hr Yes Yes No No Yes No No No Agent pickup
Unduit Monthly fee Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No

This data was last updated February, 2024. If any data is missing or outdated, please let us know so we can update it.

Yes, we're a bit biased because we built ReReady. But there's a reason nobody else shows you a side-by-side comparison like we do. No other service is easier, more affordable, or more powerful than ReReady.

We've worked hard to make ReReady your best option. Part of that work has been gathering the data so we can show you the facts. Now you can make your own decision on which laptop return service is best for you and your company.