Our top-quality laptop box

We offer the strongest and safest laptop shipping box on the market. Nobody has a better box for safely shipping laptops. It will protect your laptop all the way home.

What makes our box so great

How to use the box

These simple instructions show how to load a laptop into one of our boxes. They also demonstrate why our laptop boxes are the simplest, safest boxes available.

Opening the box

To load a laptop, first fully open the box.

Laptop box fully opened ready for equipment to be loaded

Loading the laptop

Load a laptop by lifting the foam arm and sliding the laptop into the foam liner.

Laptop box fully opened with laptop being loaded inside

Loading accessories (optional)

After a laptop has been loaded, the accessory shelf is folded on top. This provides space to load the charging cable and any other accessories.

Laptop box half opened ready for accessories to be loaded

Shipping out

After loading all equipment into the box, close the lid and tape it shut. Now it's ready to be shipped using the pre-paid shipping label we included in the box.