Free carbon offsets

All our laptop returns include free carbon offsets, so your shipments are 100% carbon neutral.

What are carbon offsets?

Every shipment comes with a small invisible cost to the environment: carbon pollution. Carbon offsets pay for mitigating that carbon pollution, generally by funding reforestation or other carbon-capture efforts.

Why are carbon offsets important?

Aside from the obvious benefit of protecting our environment, carbon offsets are often necessary for compliance. Specifically, carbon offsets are a major part of most company Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) programs.

How much do carbon offsets cost?

Carbon offsets are free! We include carbon offsets with every return, so your shipments are 100% carbon-neutral.

How else does ReReady protect the environment?

In addition to 100% carbon-neutral shipments, our top-quality boxes are 100% recyclable.