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per laptop return

in Canada $150, to USA $275
in Mexico $320, to USA $445
in UK $95, to USA $275
more on international
Checked box icon 1 top-quality laptop box $40 value
Checked box icon 1 standard label to employee $20+ value
Checked box icon 1 premium label to company $40+ value
Checked box icon 2 tracking updates $5 value
Checked box icon Any basic features $30+ value

No driving, shopping, shipping, or reminding

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+ $10 USD

per laptop return
enable/disable at any time

Checked box icon Everything from Basic
Checked box icon Any HR & IT integrations
Checked box icon Unlimited REST API
Checked box icon Enterprise support
Checked box icon Any advanced features

No contract, setup, subscriptions, or hidden fees

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Shipping insurance

Adding insurance on your return shipment is optional but strongly recommended.

Insurance Cost
$0 + $0
$1,000 + $10
$2,000 + $20
$3,000 + $30
$4,000 + $40
$5,000 + $50

Carrier requirements

Adding a carrier requirement is optional on every laptop return.

Outbound Return
Domestic + $20 + $10
International + $90 + $30

Other features

Adding any of these features is optional on every laptop return.

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