Add shipping insurance

For any laptop return, you can add shipping insurance to protect the return shipment.

Why insure a laptop return?

There is no reason to insure the empty box we send to your employee. However, there are multiple reasons you may want to insure the return shipment containing the laptop:

How much can be insured?

Return shipments can be insured for anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

How much does shipping insurance cost?

You can set shipping insurance a cost of between $10 and $50 per laptop return (only covers the return shipment). This helps us cover the added expense of purchasing insurance.

Insurance Cost
$0 + $0
$1,000 + $10
$2,000 + $20
$3,000 + $30
$4,000 + $40
$5,000 + $50

How does shipping insurance work?

If you choose to purchase shipping insurance when ordering a laptop return, your return shipment will be insured against damage, loss, and mis-delivery up to the amount you selected.

If an insured return shipment is damaged, lost, or mis-delivered, we will coordinate an insurance claim with you and help you pursue full payment of your claim.