Basic features

Our basic features make it easy for anyone to quickly and easy recover a laptop from a remote employee. Available for all users.

Enjoy free carbon offsets

You get free carbon offsets with every return, so all your shipments are 100% carbon-neutral.

Order online

You can use our web app to quickly and easily order returns.

Access a full dashboard

You can see all of your returns in one place. That includes past and current returns and their statuses. (Requires a free account.)

Receive premium box

You will receive one of our top-quality laptop boxes with every order.

Receive tracking update emails

You will receive a tracking update email for each of these events:

  1. Empty box shipped to employee
  2. Empty box delivered to employee
  3. Filled box shipped to company
  4. Filled box delivered to company

Enable notification & reminder emails to employees

You can enable employee reminders to increase the odds of a successful return by 2.3 times.

Save payment methods

You can save your credit/debit cards for future orders. (Requires a free account.)

Recover laptops internationally

Laptop returns can be ordered for Canada, Germany, UK, Mexico, and USA, where either both the company and employee are both in the country, or one is in USA (see pricing details).

Add shipping insurance

You can add shipping insurance for up to $5,000 (see pricing details).

Add carrier requirements

You can add carrier requirements be used for the outbound and/or return shipment on any return (see pricing details).

Add a signature requirement

You can add a signature requirement on the return shipment (see pricing details).

Add pickup scheduling

You can add pickup scheduling for the return shipment (see pricing details).

Create bulk orders

You can place bulk orders by following the bulk order instructions.

Need more than basic features?

If our basic features aren't sufficient, check out our advanced features.