Add pickup scheduling

For any return, you can instruct us coordinate with your employee to schedule pickup of the return shipment from the employee's home.

What is pickup scheduling?

If you add pickup scheduling on a laptop return, the employee (or you) will be able to select a date for the carrier to pick up the laptop from the employee.

After the empty box is delivered to the employee, ReReady will ask the employee (or you) to request pickup on a near-future date. If a pickup is requested, ReReady will confirm with the carrier and then the carrier will perform the pickup as requested.

Why add pickup scheduling?

The easier it is for an employee to return a laptop, the more likely they are to return it.

The biggest obstacle to employees returning laptops is usually the need to travel to a carrier location to ship the box. Adding pickup scheduling eliminates that obstacle, so employees are substantially more likely to return their laptops.

How are pickups scheduled?

When the empty box is delivered, we email a link to schedule pickup. We send the link directly to the employee if we have been given their email, otherwise we send the link to the user who ordered the return.

Using the link, requesting a pickup is easy:

  1. Select an available date (generally any non-holiday weekday within the next 10 days).
  2. Enter any special instructions (the default instructions are "Ring and knock until answer").

After a pickup is requested, ReReady schedules it with the carrier. If the carrier agrees to perform the pickup, ReReady sends an email confirming that pickup has been successfully scheduled.

Who can request a pickup?

The pickup can be requested by:

Does the employee need to be present for the pickup?

No, the employee does not need to be present for the pickup. However, the box must be accessible to the pickup driver. Also, it must be in a safe place because stolen packages are the responsibility of the employee.

What if a pickup fails?

Sometimes a pickup attempt fails because the carrier is unable to visit the employee as scheduled, or because the employee is unavailable. Usually the carrier will automatically re-attempt pickup on the next business day. If not, ReReady will coordinate another pickup attempt or suggest a physical location for dropoff.

If 3 pickup attempts fail because the employee is unavailable, ReReady will not allow any further pickups to be scheduled. In this case, the employee must go to a physical location for dropoff.

How much does pickup scheduling cost?

Pickup scheduling costs an additional $20 per laptop return.

Carriers charge extra for pickup service, plus ReReady incurs support costs to coordinate with your employee. Our fee for pickup scheduling simply covers these additional costs.

How to add pickup scheduling?

To add pickup scheduling on a case-by-case basis, simply click to add pickup scheduling on the "Pickup scheduling" step of the laptop return ordering process.

To set a preference that will prepopulate your carrier requirement on every laptop return:

  1. Log in to your ReReady account (or open a free account).
  2. Click the "Settings" button at the top.
  3. Click the "Company settings" button at the top.
  4. Select a "Default carrier required for outbound (optional)" or "Default carrier required for return (optional)" and update.