International returns

We manage device returns between the US and certain other countries, with support for more countries coming soon.

International returns

Have employees in the Canada or UK? Or is your company based in the Canada or UK, and you have employees in the USA? We can manage your device returns.

Simply enter your employee's address as usual. We'll take care of the rest, including the more expensive shipping and the customs paperwork.

What countries are supported?

We support international returns between these countries:

Is international shipping more complex?

Yes, international shipping is substantially more complex than domestic shipping, especially for device returns that involve both an outbound shipment and a return shipment. Every shipment that crosses an international border must satisfy the receiving country's customs requirements. For some countries, these requirements can be more burdensome than others. ReReady handles these customs requirements so you don't even need to think about them.

International shipments may be subject to government import duty/tax. (However, shipments to the United States generally are not.) You can estimate using SimplyDuty.

What is the pricing for international shipments?

International shipping is more expensive than domestic shipping, both because shipments are moving further and because they have special customs requirements.

ReReady's rates are competitive in the industry. See our pricing to learn more about how much your return will cost.

Want support for another country?

Do we not yet support a country you need? We're always interested in adding support for more countries, please let us know which country you need.