Add a signature requirement

For any return, you can require the carrier to get a signature when the laptop is delivered to your company.

What is a signature requirement?

A signature requirement means the carrier is required to get a signature from someone at your company when delivering a laptop return. If they can't get a person's signature, they will re-attempt delivery on a future date.

Why add a signature requirement?

If your laptop is valuable, or contains valuable data, you may want to require that the carrier put it in the hands of someone at your company. Otherwise, the carrier might leave the shipment in front of your doorway, in mail room, or some other unattended location where the shipment could be stolen.

It is your responsibility to provide a safe place for your shipment to be delivered, but it doesn't hurt to add an extra level of safety with a signature requirement.

How much does a signature requirement cost?

A signature requirement costs an additional $10 per laptop return.

Carriers charge extra for a signature requirement, plus ReReady incurs support costs to coordinate re-delivery if the carrier is unable to get a signature. Our fee for a signature requirement simply covers these additional costs.

How to add a signature requirement?

To add a signature requirement, click the "Signature required for delivery" checkbox on the "Company address" step of the laptop return ordering process.