Template: Checklist for offboarding remote employees

Last updated April 7, 2023

A company-issued laptop in a remote employee's home

Don't leave any room for mistakes. Follow this checklist for offboarding your remote employees.

If possible, work with the employee to document all their work that needs to be handed off. This includes both past work and work in progress.

If possible, schedule a time to meet each day until the employee's departure. The agenda should be adding any missing items to the handoff plan, and identifying any risks to completing the plan before departure.

Give the employee's team as much time as possible to prepare for the employee's departure. Share the employee's handoff plan so it's clear what the expectations are, and who should expect to receive deliverables from the employee.

Remove the employee's access to all company systems. Start with the most confidential systems, like customer lists and source code.

Notify the employee which company-owned devices you expect them to erase and/or return.

For returns, send the employee a box with a prepaid shipping label, because this is much more effective than asking the employee to do it and get reimbursed. Don't forget to monitor and send reminders if the employee is slow to return the devices. If you don't want responsibility for the box, postage, printing, shipping, and reminding you can use a service like ReReady to easily handle the process for you.

If desired, you can offer the employee a goodwill bonus in exchange for signing a brief non-disparagement agreement. (Keep in mind that asking for a non-disparagement agreement without offering anything in return makes your company look guilty of bad behavior.)

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